1. Just finished remixing “Unbound” by Cathedrals. Check it out and and share it with everyone you know!


  2. I have a song featured on the new Half-Gifts compilation! Download it for free today!


    Half-Gifts Cassette Compilation Now Available



    The first ever Half-Gifts compilation album is now available digitally and on cassette tape. Head on over to the brand new Bandcamp page, where you can stream, download and purchase a physical copy of the 32-track release. A big thanks to everyone who submitted a track; the compilation sounds fantastic.    



  3. Review: Geodesics - “Geodesics EP”

    Geodesics - Geodesics EP
    (2013 Self-Released)
    "Voluminous, though not dense"

    It’s been a while since I’ve listened to synth music that’s this beat-centric, but Austin, TX glo-fi project Geodesics certainly supplies the sort of stratospheric sound I’ve come to love, immense clouds of synthesized vapor overtaken by whirling, metallic debris. Many tiny components are at work in the six songs on this disc, and it may take multiple listens to pick out each one; at times the bass, growling steadily as if the song’s engine, might get your head slowly bobbing, while other times you’ll look upwards to marvel at the scyscraping synths. It’s as if there are two dimensions to the EP, each equally compelling: one existing underground, full of dark, whirring noises, the other in the sky, Com Truise-esque sound effects bending and twisting in the jet stream. Distant, almost robotic vocals battle for space in the jumble of noise, bridging the middle ground between these two worlds. The multifaceted songcraft makes this EP a voluminous one, although not very dense, allowing you the space to comfortably take it all in. I’ve been lacking some much-needed chillwave in my musical diet recently, and Geodesics provided me with 100% of my daily allotment. You can get the disc on the Geodesics Bandcamp page, and it will soon be available via Haunt Yourself Tapes.

  4. hauntyourselftapes:

    Take a minute or two to read this review for the Geodesics EP coming to tape this August!

    Also check out more reviews and such from Half-Gifts, he’s awesome!


  5. hauntyourselftapes:

    Okay so this summer is dedicated to the release Geodesics’ self-titled EP!

    Before you continue reading, please go listen to it here:


    I’m doing a run of 50 black tapes with black labels and plastic cases with black backs. Among the 50 will be a limited number of…

  6. handclapmovement:

    Sometimes a change of scenery is all we really need in life. This is exactly what Geodesics did, as he moved his whole life (including his cat and girlfriend) from the snow confines of Buffalo to the music haven of Austin. Now the computer programmer by day, laptop rocker by night has released his debut self-titled EP. His electronic music uses giant synths mixed with hallowed out samples to create an inspiring world filled with lush and exciting bursts of energy. Always a bit off-kilter, this frenzy of positive energy shines brightest on EP closer “The Great Planes”.

    Listen to the EP below and download over at Bandcamp.

    (Source: handclapmovement)

  7. mywholebuttshit:

    Buy the limited edition cd or download it for free! http://geodesic.bandcamp.com  http://bit.ly/13kSOR9


  8. soundinjections:

    Geodesics - 1984

    Hailing from Austin, Texas the bedroom pop producer Geodesics has a thing for uplifting melodies to be filtered through space and time, so you can feel the analog-robotic sounds through you’re whole body! 1984 is a wonderful example of his sparkling electro/synth pop charade and a nostalgic (but in a charming, weird way) strictly danceable dream pop little masterpiece that grows in you from the first listen! If Keep Shelly In Athens and Washed Out started ‘shooting’ each other with tunes after a night full of alcohol, this is what we probably had in our hands! Pretty cool, right???

    Listen the wonderful 1984 above and head over here to purchase the limited edition Geodisics EP.




  10. Just finished my first remix! Check it out!

    Young Galaxy - Hard To Tell (Geodesics Remix)